What we do

Development of internet applications

We use PHP- and JavaScript-Frameworks for backend (e.g. ZendFramework, Symfony, Node.js) as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript-Frameworks for frontend (e.g. Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, React)

Database schema modeling and development with SQL and NoSQL

There is no database system out there we haven't seen.

Consulting and training for MongoDB

We believe that there is no other database system out there which gives you the same flexibility and impressive performance as MongoDB offers.

Development of APIs to connect cloud services and mobile devices

Doesn't matter if it is SOAP, REST or GraphQL - we connect your services!

Conception of web architectures

You think of creating a native iOS, Android or Windows App but at the same time you need your business logic accessible by all of your websites and third-party services? We got you covered!

Administration of servers, deployments, continuous integration and delivery

We can deal with old-school metal as well as with shinny new cloud functions.

Measures to maintain quality through software testing

Last but definitely not least: you need to test your code! We can help.

Clients and projects

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