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The Internet vs. the Web - the difference explained

TL;DR: The internet is the physical connection between computers whereas the web (a.k.a. world wide web) is made out of software and exists on top of it.

We often get asked about the difference between the internet and the world wide web, or just the web for short. So we thought, writing it down in our blog would be a good idea.

A brief history of the Internet

The internet existed long before the public knew about it, never mind them being able to use it. It was built for the military initially. It connected various computer systems together via a physical connection, the same as it does today. 

The World Wide Web

One of the things it was used for, and still is today, was to distribute information. The place to put this information is called a website. Every computer connected to the internet is then able to view this information via a software called web browser. To navigate between websites, every website has a unique address under which it is reachable. We're using the abbreviation WWW (world wide web), so that everybody instantly recognises that the address is a website.

The distribution of information through websites is only one way to use the web. There are loads of other ways, which we're going to explain in our blog.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash


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