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How to get notified about new blog posts

You find our content interesting? You would like to be informed about new posts without visiting our blog every day? RSS to the rescue! But let's have a brief look on what RSS is.

What RSS is

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication is almost as old as the internet itself. It was quite popular in the 90s but lost its charm in recent years, but is still very useful today. RSS feed, is what you call an individual one. It is available via web address, just like any other webpage as well. This is our RSS feed for example.

You can open any RSS feed in your browser, it might look a bit cryptic though. This is because the format of the RSS feed is computer-readable and standardised, so that any other software is able to read and process its contents. These attributes make it predestined for information exchange.

Use RSS reader to stay informed

RSS reader is a kind of software which requests given feeds, and presents them in a human-readable way. They are the interfaces between man and machine. Another important job of these readers is to check the feeds on a regular basis for new content, so you don't have to that manually. As soon as they find new blog posts (in our case) you're going to be notified. The way you're going to be notified varies from reader to reader.

Have a look on the 3 best RSS reader apps at zapier.com. Any of these are free to use, pick one, set up our RSS feed and get our latest content delivered directly into your reader.

We recommend NewsBlur as free version as it is enough for getting email notifications for new blog posts.

How to add our RSS feed to NewsBlur and activate email notifications

When activated, the notification emails will look like this:

By the time of writing this, we couldn't find any free RSS reader for mobile which allows push notifications without detours.

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Thank you very much.

Photo by Brian Tromp on Unsplash


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