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Powered by Rocketspark - Why is that?

"Why is Totally Nerdy's website powered by Rocketspark? Why don't they have a self made, bespoke and custom solution for themselves?!”, somebody might ask, when reading our claim "Bespoke Web Solutions. Websites, Web applications, Web-based apps" and then noticing the "powered by Rocketspark" in the footer. Isn’t that inconsistent?

No. We at Totally Nerdy Ltd work in the most efficient and resourceful way to give our customers what they want and need. That means we’re not keeping to reinvent the wheel, but use the right and already existing tools which meet all requirements and lead us to a perfect result needing little time.

Don't reinvent the wheel!

That's because WordPress solves the fundamental problems when setting up a website. You don't need to think about hosting the site, the software components involved and the minimal structure of a website you'd need to get you started. Same applies to Rocketspark.

You're enabled to concentrate on your idea: what to accomplish with your site. Stick to your core business!

Start small and grow big

There are always more integrations which you can use to meet changing requirements or develop new features. When your endeavour is successful and your core business is achieving sales, that might be the time to reiterate your technology.

Deliver. Measure. Reiterate.

Customise when it makes sense

With 20+ years of experience in the industry, we've seen it all :

  • Startups with small funds developing everything from scratch

  • Big corporations with big money relying on solutions which were meant for startups

  • And everything in between

We think the best solutions always lie somewhere in between. There's a time when you should built your own solutions, and a time when you should invest into the right and already existing tools to get you further to your goal!

Ask us, and we'll tell you what time it is for you.

One more thing: like our tagline from above? Deliver. Measure. Reiterate. Go here to buy our merch.

Thank you very much for reading. We're looking forward to speak with you.


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