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Web push notifications coming to iOS this year

That's an announcement web developers have been waiting for! Web push notifications are coming to iOS in 2023 - finally!

What are web push notifications?

These are notifications popping in from the top of your iPhone screen, or appear on your lock screen like any other notification you know nowadays. The special thing about these, is that they are triggered by the mobile Safari browser. That means web-based apps, so called PWA's (Progressive Web Apps) can use them. 

The official feature list for iOS 16 is mentioning that Safari is going to add support for opt-in web push notifications on iOS in 2023.

The current state of web push notifications

So far only native apps would be able to send notifications on iOS. Web push notifications are implemented already by other major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. So these work perfectly fine on Android devices, but Apple wasn't joining the party yet - this should change now in 2023.

We at Totally Nerdy Ltd are massive fans of web-based apps. They are a great cost-efficient alternative to native apps. That's the reason why we're really looking forward to that feature coming this year!

Thank you very much for reading and please follow this space for new updates in 2023 about web push notifications on iOS.


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