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How to get notified about new blog posts

You find our content interesting? You would like to be informed about new posts without visiting our blog every day? RSS to the rescue! But let's have a brief look on what RSS is....

January 24, 2023

Infinite loops with MongoDB transactions

Welcome to our blog series "A Developer's Notes". In this series we write down anything peculiar related to web development we came across, and couldn't find anywhere else....

January 20, 2023

What Cloud Gaming is

TL;DR: With Cloud Gaming a game runs on a computer in the internet. Your input signals are sent to that computer, whereas the video is sent back to your local device.In addition to our explanation of Cloud Computing we'd like to talk about another famous term nowadays, which is Cloud Gaming. The principle is simple: a game runs on a computer in the internet, instead on your local device. Input signals are sent to the game and the video signal is sent back to the device you’re playing on.Hardwa...

January 17, 2023

What Cloud Computing is

TL;DR: When computer software runs in the internet we call it Cloud Computing. The software can be various things, e.g. websites, web applications, or processing various data.In our introduction to the Cloud we briefly talked about a service in the Cloud which is Cloud Storage. The one we're going to talk about today is particular popular amongst web developers and enterprises that work in this sector. It’s called Cloud Computing. But let's go back a few years before Cloud Computing was a thin...

January 10, 2023

Web push notifications coming to iOS this year

That's an announcement web developers have been waiting for! Web push notifications are coming to iOS in 2023 - finally!...

January 2, 2023

How to add a "Go to Top" button to your Rocketspark website

TL;DR: Use the code snippets from below and paste them into the text boxes "Custom <body> tracking code" and "Custom <head> tracking code" on page Dashboard >> Get Found (SEO). Customise as you like. Having your website on Rocketspark makes it very easy to design and maintain your site. But there might be some features missing. One of them is adding a dynamic "Go to Top" button to all your pages that pops up when needed and hides automatically again. This is certainly usef...

December 29, 2022

What the Cloud is - an introduction

TL;DR: The "Cloud" is just a different term for the internet. In networking lingo the Cloud was always used as a representation for the internet. Compared to other types of networks like local area networks (LANs) the internet is displayed as a cloud symbol in all networking diagrams. At some point someone used phrases like "send data to the Cloud" or "store XYZ in the Cloud" for marketing purpose, and this is most likely how it started. The term hasn't any impact on the process of how you store...

December 26, 2022

Website vs. Webpage - our explanation

TL;DR: A website is a collection of pages whereas a webpage refers to only one particular page on a website. We've been asked this regularly and decided to write down our explanation. The difference between a "Website" and a "Webpage" Let's take totally-nerdy.com for example. That's our website. And totally-nerdy.com/blog/ is one webpage on it. You navigate to individual pages by appending something to the website address, in this particular example it's "/blog/" which we added to the addre...

December 22, 2022

The Internet vs. the Web - the difference explained

TL;DR: The internet is the physical connection between computers whereas the web (a.k.a. world wide web) is made out of software and exists on top of it.We often get asked about the difference between the internet and the world wide web, or just the web for short. So we thought, writing it down in our blog would be a good idea.A brief history of the InternetThe internet existed long before the public knew about it, never mind them being able to use it. It was built for the military initially. It...

December 21, 2022

The purpose of this blog

Hello world! - not just a greeting but also a common phrase, used for screen display by developers when learning a programming language. My name is Patrick, and I'm one of the Managing Directors of Totally Nerdy Ltd. I've been working with web technologies for many years, and still remember the sound of my modem connecting to the internet, when uploading new pages to my first website.  The possibilities in the web nowadays are endless! Without proper guidance someone can get lost very easil...

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